ARECA is a voluntary Community Association representing the views of residents in our Community in matters that affect our Community in North Toronto. Operating since the 1970's ARECA was incorporated in 1988.

Thanks to all who attended the Annual Meeting

Wednesday, November 27, 2019 - 7:00-9:00 pm

Special Guest Speakers: Councillor Mike Colle and Staff Sergeant James Hogan (53 Division)

Special Thanks to "Amica on the Avenue" for hosting.

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ARECA – Annual Meeting 

Thanks to all who attended the Annual Meeting ...

From 53 Division Police – Division 53 

There has been much media about the increase of nearly daily pedestrian accidents within the City of Toronto.

Eglinton Park Re-do 

The City is looking at re-doing Eglinton Park ...

City-Wide Study of Existing Dog Off-Leash Areas 

The City of Toronto is running a study to find out how the City’s existing ...

Report on Temporary Signs By-Law Review 

A report on the Temporary Signs By-law Review outlining proposed amendments to the ...

Looking for Local Information?

We have you covered. Check out out resources page, with direct links to our local M.P.P. , M.P. and City Councillor. You can connect with everything you need inside and out of the ARECA boundary. 


ARECA is bounded

on the south by Eglinton Ave. (north side)

on the east by Yonge Street (west side)

on the west by Chaplin Crescent (east side)

on the north by St. Clements Ave. from Chaplin to Avenue Rd.

and Roselawn Ave. from Avenue Rd. to Yonge St.


The continued strength of any organization is often measured by its numbers. We are often asked “How many people do you represent?”


The Annual ARECA Membership Fee is $20.00 per family. If you feel as many households do that ARECA must continue to be active and strong, renew or take out your membership now! Membership is effective until the annual meeting in the each fall. 

Please complete the Membership form and mail or drop it off at:  23 Elwood Blvd., Toronto, ON M4R 1B8



Jim Baker


Shauna Corbin


Gillian Jagasia


Chris Gough

Board Members

☉ Lesley Goldenberg ☉ Jean Pearson ☉ Stuart Robertson

ARECA History

ARECA was officially incorporated in 1988 however, ARECA was formed and has been active since the 1970s.


Back in the 1970s there were a variety of issues that caused the people in the Avenue Road Eglinton area to come together in a united fashion to benefit the existing community. Things like the after hours "Club Virgo" on Eglinton Avenue and the proposed 13-storey development on part of the St. Margaret's Church site are 2 of the more memorable issues. Board Meetings and the Annual Meeting were held at St. James Bond as they warmly welcomed the community.


Over the past 20 plus years, some of the more significant issues include the sale of CFB Toronto and the development of Marshall McLuhan Catholic High School, various traffic studies, speed bumps, infill housing, the North Toronto Community Centre to name just a few. Most recently ARECA has been involved with the sale of St. James Bond Church and the proposed Seniors' Residence, the proposal to artificially turf and dome Memorial Park, the corner of Duplex and Orchardview and the proposed reclassification of part of the area to an Apartment Neighbourhood. 

There is no doubt ARECA has become an essential fixture in and for the community and a voice that is listened to and respected.


In July of 2008, a small celebration was held to mark ARECA's 20th Anniversary. Among those in attendance were no fewer than 5 Past-Presidents, many past Directors. MP Joe Volpe and MPP Mike Colle who presented a commemorative plaque to ARECA which read: "ARECA's 20 years of outstanding contribution to the community deserves to be acknowledged and celebrated."

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