346 Eglinton West (Yitz’s) Local Planning Appeal Tribunal Decision 

August 8, 2018 

The Decision of the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (former OMB) was released August 8/18 and while ARECA still does not know the final outcome, you may read the decision for yourself.


Click here to open the pdf.



Bill 108 and some of what it means 

Bill 108 propose many changes …

Eglinton Park Master Plan 

The future of Eglinton Park …

Important information from “TTC Riders” 

Seizing City assets by the Province and Metrolinx could be possible …

Bill 107 and transit uploading & Immediate threat to city planning and responsible development. 

Changes are being imposed on the City by the Province and the City wants your feedback.

Crosstown LRT – Construction 

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