Traffic Configuration Changes at Avenue Road and Eglinton 

March 15, 2022 

As early as Monday, March 21/22 there will be just 1 southbound through lane on Avenue Road crossing Eglinton.  The left turn lane to go East on Eglinton will remain.  There will be 1 westbound lane on Eglinton through Avenue Road.  This is to last for approximately 8 weeks.

AND, for 2 weekends during this period and as early as March 26/22, there will be only 1 southbound lane through Eglinton and one northbound lane through Eglinton.  When this is happening, there will be NO LEFT TURNS from Avenue Road to go Eastbound on Eglinton.

These changes are to facilitate the sewer connections and road restoration works in connection to the Eglinton LRT.



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