Developments in the ARECA area 

October 13, 2023 

We continually monitor the developments, underway and proposed in our area. As you know, there is a lot of change happening.

Gilbert May, one of our Directors is leading this monitoring of change and is doing a spectacular job.

To this end, Gilbert has put together two walking tours and we invite you to join us this Sunday, October 15 to go for a walk and gain a better understanding of what is going on and what is going to happen.

The walks are intended to put some context around all the news of developments we've been hearing about for the last several years.

  • What's under construction, what's been approved and which developments are just at the development stage.
  • Gilbert will talk about the size of developments, the number of apartments, the opportunities for retail and, yes, even a few new parks.
  • Hopefully, after the walk, you'll have a better understanding of how all this development comes together to evolve this area we all call home.

Gilbert will be hosting 2 walks, one beginning at 10:00 am and the other at 2:00 pm.

See the routes here.

• The Yonge Street corridor (walk A-B) at 10 am

  • MEETING LOCATION: We will be meeting people at the southeast corner of Duplex and Castlefield

• The Eglinton Park/Eglinton Avenue West walk (B-C plus C-D) at 2:00 pm.

  • MEETING LOCATION: We will be meeting people at the entrance to the North Toronto community centre, north of the intersection of Lascelles and Eglinton but tucked up in front of the building so that we're not impacting the flow of pedestrians, cyclists and cars.

If you would plan to participate in the walk, please Email in advance so that we know how many will be joining the group.
Feel free to invite your friends and neighbours.
Make sure you dress appropriately with good walking shoes.
We promise it will be well worth your while!



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