Avenue Station - Eglinton Crosstown LRT

The Avenue Station for the Eglinton Crosstown LRT is going to start construction at some time in July, 2016.

The construction process is going to last 4-5 years as workers "mine" the expanse under Eglinton between just west of Avenue Road and Oriole Parkway.

Metrolinx is seeking to use the south end of Eglinton Park as a "staging area" and cut down a minimum of 25 trees, and level the ground. They are also seeking to close one lane of Eglinton Westbound from Oriole Parkway to almost Braemar. They are also seeking relaxed parking regulations, potential changes to streets and a slew of other things. We are told there will be 3-5 trucks per hour going south on Duplex, turning west onto Eglinton, loading up with dirt and then head north on Avenue Road.

ARECA is NOT IN SUPPORT of the use of Eglinton Park. ARECA is working with other resident associations in the area and the Eglinton BIA to minimize the impact of the construction to residents and businesses.

The latest information from Metrolinx is here. Scroll to information on "Avenue Station".