The ARECA area is part of Toronto that has and will continue to undergo significant new development. Over the last several years we have seen continued in-fill housing that has also spread to the development of much larger and more impacting developments. The Yonge-Eglinton Centre will change. Old churches have or will be turned into much larger and more intensive use of the land and in some instances, inappropriate for the area. Much of the new development is replacing old houses with tall and more dense residential and/or mixed use - commerical/residential. Much of the activity is happening nearest to Yonge Street and Duplex Avenue. Examples are the corner of Orchardview and Duplex and proposals at Eglinton and Duplex, along Helendale between Duplex and Yonge and around the corner on Yonge Street between Helendale and Orchardview.

We do our part to try to ensure that developments are in keeping with the area however, the days of fighting both "height" and "density" are, for the most part, behind us as the City tends to favour intensification.

With this knowledge, ARECA is focussing its effort "on the ground". Said in other words, we are working to get the best for the community at ground level. For a better understanding of this, please refer to the ARECA STATEMENT.

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ARECA and the OMB

ARECA does and has been to the OMB (Ontario Municipal Board).

In August 2011, ARECA, along with the Stanley Knowles Co-op went to the Ontario Municipal Board regarding the proposed development at Orchardview and Duplex. Our position was the development was inappropriate for the site. We limited the scope of our challenge in recognition of the forces opposing the community and our budget.

How did we fare? Well, we were successful in having the development scaled down and back from the property line. The by-law enabling the building's construction needed to be amended to reflect these changes.

ARECA is proud of the position it took with respect to this proposed development and appreciates the partnership we have with the Stanley Knowles Co-op and the efforts of our planning expert, Terry Mills.