117-129 Roselawn Avenue

ARECA's position with respect to the proposed development can be viewed here.

In part it reads "ARECA is opposed to the assembly of lands in Neighbourhoods and supports the principles enshrined in Toronto’s Official Plan (OP) that protect and enforce Neighbourhood stability."

Details of the OMB Appeal are located here.

A case before the OMB, similar to Roselawn was heard last year and the OMB's decison is here. As these are quite similar, ARECA anticipates the Roselawn Application will also be refused.

However, ARECA encourages you to write (email) the Councillor and the City Planner, Cathy Ferguson, to voice your support of ARECA's position. You may of course add your personal concerns when you write them and we would appreciate a copy of what you send.

Councilor Carmichael Greb ... Councillor_CarmichaelGreb@toronto.ca
City Planner, Cathy Ferguson ... cfergus@toronto.ca
ARECA ... information@areca.info

In early August 2012, ARECA delivered the following
to homes nearest the proposed development.

As you may know, ARECA has been monitoring the 117-129 stretch of Roselawn Avenue for some time. Recently, it came to our attention that there has been quite a bit of discussion between the owners and the North District Community Planning Department as to how this site might be redeveloped.

ARECA met immediately with UrbanQuest (the owners), at their request, to review issues and possibilities. ARECA's interest stems from a desire to provide timely information and advice to its constituency. Similar work done by UrbanQuest can be viewed online ar www.urbanquest.com. There is no doubt that UrbanQuest are quality infill developers.

ARECA retained the services of Terry Mills, a Planner who lives locally, to review the various possibilities for this now large site. His report is included here for your review. ARECA sees the contaminated soil and the possibility of a single square condo building as serious concerns for residents in the neighbourhood. No doubt these issues will be resolved in due course. However, ARECA is excited that, through good and comprehensive planning, with input from the local community, significant improvements to these dormant sites can be achieved.

ARECA believes there is some urgency now for the local community to convene and discuss these developments and opportunities. Please contact information@areca.info and provide an email address or telephone # if you wish to be informed. UrbanQuest is keen to meet the local residents and it is their intention to bring us all together for a community barbeque (meet and greet) sometime in August.